To protect the finish of your boat—whether paint or varnish—you might consider a full-boat cover to keep it clean and dry. Typically, a full-boat cover pays for itself after two or three seasons.

We work with you to create a cover that is durable, yet relatively easy to get on and off. We have an eye to the details: We build in flaps to cover all zippers. We vent along the ridgeline to help minimize moisture and condensation. If sandbags are required to weigh down the skirting, we install them individually inside the bottom edge of the cover so they can be easily removed. We want to give you protection that is easy to use.

We choose dependable fabrics: Sunbrella, TopGun, or Odyssey, which is a lighter weight material. Full boat covers can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. That means cleaning with a mild dish soap each spring. (Don’t forget—cleaning is necessary, but it will break down the waterproofing in Sunbrella fabric, so you’ll need to retreat with a marine-grade water repellent.)

Full boat covers need to be inspected every two to three years for signs before wear. Avoid placing any tarps or covers on top of full boat covers; those will destroy your cover.