Why not enclose your deck with a custom cover and extend your outdoor season into spring and fall? You gain square footage; customers look to be outdoors on a sunny day, no matter the temperature; and your heating bills will be reduced, because you have extra protection from wind and rain. What about the holidays? Add a people heater or two, and now your outdoor space will accommodate larger parties and gatherings.

We work with your vision and space to create a design that will easily disassemble when not in use yet be strong enough to keep in place year round if you choose.

What can a custom deck enclosure do for your business?

  • Extend your square footage – In the PNW, seating on the deck is always preferred on beautiful days. Enclosing your deck can keep that going for local pubs and restaurants.
  • Reduce your heating bills – Adding a layer of protection from the wind and rain can help reduce your monthly heating expenses.
  • Special Events – Large parties are often difficult within the regular seating area. Creating additional space allows you to accommodate these events, especially for holiday parties.